Need a last-minute gift for Dad? Check out these Father’s Day gifts on sale right now

There’s still time to snag a great deal on a Father’s Day gift your dad is sure to love. iStock

If you’re searching for last-minute gifts for your dad, your first stop should be our list of amazing items that are perfect for dads who love adventures, projects, cooking, and more. From trekking poles to toolbox essentials, these amazing Father’s Day gifts are all on sale right now and are sure to make Dad’s life easier and more enjoyable. Whether your dad loves hiking, grilling, fixing things, or maintaining his appearance, our selections have something for everyone. Save yourself time, money, and stress by choosing one of these last-minute Father’s Day gifts, and get him the perfect present that’s sure to come in handy.

RAK Telescoping Magnet Pickup Tool: $20.99 (was $29.99)

Retrieving dropped items is easy with this gadget’s extendable neck and LED lights. Amazon

Give Dad the RAK Father’s Day gift he truly needs. This magnetic pickup tool is the perfect present for the handyman, tech guru, or home repair enthusiast. It’s designed with bright LED lights and an extendable neck up to 22 inches long. The magnetic tip of the tool can help him find objects in hard-to-reach places with ease Get 30% off just for Father’s Day with the discount code “30SAVERAK”.

RAK Ballistic Nylon Magnetic Wristband$18.49 (was $19.99)

This helpful wristband can keep screws, nails, and drill bits nearby during projects. Amazon

Get Dad this awesome magnetic wristband for Father’s Day. Perfect for any handyman, the RAK magnetic wristband features strong, lightweight magnets and premium ballistic nylon to provide unbeatable durability. It can securely hold nails, drill bits, and screws to make DIY jobs much easier.

Arkam Beard Trimmer for Men: $26.15 (was $39.99)

Make sure your dad always looks his best with this all-in-one hair grooming set. Amazon

If your dad takes pride in grooming his facial hair, then he’ll love this cordless beard trimmer kit. This inclusive set includes a precise trimmer with a quiet motor and long battery life, three versatile attachments, a cleaning brush, a straight-edge razor, and a bottle of beard oil for a convenient, all-in-one grooming solution.

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat$35.99 (was $55.99).

This cushioned, non-slip mat adds extra support during long periods of standing. Amazon

Give your dad the gift of comfort and support with an anti-fatigue mat. The ¾-inch thick cushion helps to absorb shock when standing for long periods. Made out of non-slip, waterproof, and stain-resistant material, your dad can use it while he’s in the kitchen, garage, or even at his standing desk. It is currently over 30% on Amazon, and you can get an extra 10% discount with the code “10SKYMAT”.

Creative XP Night Vision Binoculars: $255.95 (was $299.99)

See clearly in total darkness using these night vision thermal binoculars. Amazon

Get your dad these cutting-edge night vision binoculars by Creative XP. They contain an infrared lens and powerful digital technology that provides an amazing visual experience. It’s the perfect tool for people who loves to hunt, observe wildlife, or just explore their surroundings in the dark.

RAK Universal Super Socket Tool: $15.99 (was $19.99)

This adjustable grip adapter can turn any drill into a socket driver in minutes. Amazon

Dad will love this multi-functional, universal socket tool by RAK. It’s the perfect gift for the tool-savvy dad, husband, or mechanic. The adjustable grip socket adapter works on a variety of bolts and nuts. Your old man will appreciate how easy and functional this tool is for his DIY needs.

RAK 2-in-1 Multi-Tool Pen Set$19.99 (was $24.99)

Each of these pens has 11 useful features that can make DIY projects a breeze. Amazon

 Treat Dad to this useful 2-in-1 RAK multi-tool pen set. He can use each pen as an LED light, stylus, ruler, level, bottle opener, and screwdriver for all of his project needs. They’re lightweight and easy to carry and the perfect Father’s Day gift for the man who fixes everything.

RAK Contour Gauge Duplicator$23.99 (was $32.20)

Simply copy, trace, and cut with this gauge for precise and even measuring. Amazon

Perfect for all of Dad’s DIY projects, this 10-inch edge profile measuring tool will make life easier for measuring any irregular shape. Its locking feature allows for the transfer of measurements from most hard surfaces to the contour gauge. The adjustable arms ensure ease in tracing the contours, manipulating the template profile, and measuring.

RAK LED Flashlight Gloves$15.99 (was $19.99)

These battery-operated gloves are sure to come in handy in various situations. Amazon

Surprise Dad this Father’s Day with these LED flashlight gloves made of durable cotton/nylon webbing with four built-in LED lights to aid in those hard-to-reach areas that need extra illumination. These are great for working on cars, in the dark garage, camping or hiking, or even just finding the right nuts and bolts. Dad will feel like the ultimate handyman being able to take on any job.

TrailBuddy Collapsible Trekking Poles$33.99 (was $39.99)

These lightweight aluminum walking sticks feature a cork grip for comfortable use. Amazon  Get Dad ready for an outdoor adventure with the TrailBuddy trekking poles. Made with lightweight, collapsible 7075 aluminum and cork grips, these trekking poles are perfect for backpacking and hiking. With their adjustable length, he’ll be able to explore the outdoors with ease. Get these trekking poles for 15% off when you use the code “HikeBuddy15” at checkout

Kizen Digital Food Thermometer$17.52 (was $21.90)

Get instant and accurate temperature readings with this easy-to-use thermometer. Amazon

 Give your dad the gift of an ideal meal every time with the Kizen digital meat thermometer. It uses the latest technology to give an instant reading on the inside temperature of foods. Not only does it help get the perfect grill or bake, but it also works on candy, liquids, and deep frying. Use code “20MEATTHERM” at checkout for 20% off!


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