10 best games of 2023 so far : Resident Evil 4, Tears of the Kingdom, and more

If 2023 were to end today, it would still be remembered as a historic year for video games. That’s how good it’s been. Here are five highlights from 2023’s standout year for gaming:

1 Unprecedented technological advancements.

2. Innovative and immersive gameplay experiences.

3. A diverse range of captivating and critically acclaimed titles.

4. Record-breaking sales and revenue for the gaming industry.

5. The emergence of groundbreaking virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.


2023 has been a historic year for video games, with the first half delivering a wide range of hits. Players have been treated to major entries in beloved franchises like Zelda and Final Fantasy, along with impressive remakes of horror games. Both indie developers and larger studios have released innovative and original projects, taking advantage of the creative freedom available. This exciting lineup has kept players busy and their backlogs full, and there’s still more to come in the second half of the year.

Here is a list of 10 must-play games from the first half of 2023 that you might want to catch up on before the fall season: – Resident Evil 4: This expertly done remake surpasses the original, offering a more fluid and action-packed experience while staying true to its roots. – Hi-Fi Rush: An unexpected rhythm-action game combining Devil May Cry and Guitar Hero, offering satisfying combat and a stylish rock and roll anime experience. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: A sequel to Breath of the Wild, this open-world game showcases the community’s creativity with its Ultrahand tool. – Street Fighter 6: With its innovative single-player mode, World Tour, this fighting game provides a comprehensive tutorial and stylish gameplay.- Humanity: A visually mesmerizing puzzler where players strategically direct wandering humans, transforming the game into a dark tactics experience. – Dredge: This psychological horror fishing game takes players through an eerie archipelago, balancing a sense of unease with moments of relaxation. – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: A worthy sequel to Fallen Order, featuring slicker lightsaber combat, rewarding exploration, and an emotionally resonant story. – Tchia: If you enjoyed the Zelda formula, this indie open-world game set in New Caledonia offers a joyful experience with exploration and transformation mechanics. – Dordogne: An emotional indie game with beautiful watercolor art, following a woman’s journey to recover repressed memories in the French countryside. – Season: A Letter to the Future: A meditative indie game that encourages players to embrace the natural beauty of the world and preserve memories before a potential apocalypse. These games have received critical acclaim and offer a variety of genres and gameplay experiences to suit different preferences. Enjoy catching up on these gems before the highly anticipated releases in the latter half of the year.

Resident Evil 4

The remake of Resident Evil 4 stands out among the great remakes of this year. Unlike a simple visual touch-up, Capcom completely reimagined the 2005 action-horror classic. This remake takes into account the 20 years of games that have been inspired by Resident Evil 4 since its original release. The result is a true evolution that stands on its own, departing from the original’s campy tone and dated mechanics. The remake offers a more fluid, blockbuster action game experience and showcases how it’s done in the gaming world once again.

Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush was a delightful surprise in the world of video games. In an industry often dominated by predictable sequels, Hi-Fi Rush stood out with its unexpected announcement and release at an Xbox showcase. Developed by Tango Gameworks, this rhythm-action game offers a unique blend of Devil May Cry’s frenetic action and Guitar Hero’s gameplay mechanics. The result is a stylish rock and roll anime experience with incredibly satisfying combat. Hi-Fi Rush is definitely one of the standout titles of 2023.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is an extraordinary sequel to Breath of the Wild. This game takes the already impressive open-world sandbox of Hyrule and makes it even better. One of the main highlights of Tears of the Kingdom is the Ultrahand tool, which allows players to create various things, from mechs to Korok torture devices. In just a few months, players have already pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the game, and it seems like the community is only scratching the surface. While it will be tough to beat in game-of-the-year discussions, there are still some strong contenders coming in the fall.

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 has been praised as an astounding achievement for fighting games. While the genre can be intimidating for newcomers, Street Fighter 6 tackles this issue with its innovative single-player mode, World Tour. Acting as a practical fighting game tutorial, the solo campaign goes above and beyond to teach players the intricacies of the game. This makes it one of the most memorable titles of 2023, with great potential in both casual and competitive scenes. The future looks bright for Street Fighter 6.


Humanity is a visually mesmerizing puzzler available as a PlayStation exclusive. This game involves directing rows of wandering humans by strategically placing tiles to organize crowds. As the game progresses, the humans gain the ability to fight, turning Humanity into a dark tactics game. It’s a unique and immersive experience that is highly recommended, especially if played with PlayStation VR2, which enhances the gameplay. It’s considered one of the best games on the platform.


Dredge is a psychological horror game that offers a unique twist on fishing in video games. Instead of a cozy experience, players guide a commercial fishing boat through an ocean filled with Lovecraftian horrors. The game focuses on creating an uneasy atmosphere and gradually uncovering the secrets of an eerie archipelago while battling madness. Dredge provides a distinct and unsettling experience that combines both relaxation and fear, making it a fishing game unlike anything players have encountered before.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, despite its initial bugs, is a commendable sequel to Fallen Order. The game successfully builds upon its predecessor, offering slicker lightsaber combat and more rewarding exploration. Respawn Entertainment has perfected its formula, creating one of the best Star Wars games to date. What truly stands out is the emotionally resonant story that delves into the theme of survival in times of political unrest. The game’s surprising conclusion lingers in players’ minds, making it a standout experience of the year.


captures the essence of the Zelda formula. In this joyful and sunny experience, players can transform into animals, play the ukulele, and glide around a beautiful island. Tchia offers a rare glimpse into another culture that hasn’t been explored before in video games. With its freeform exploration mechanics, reminiscent of Breath of the Wild, Tchia promises to deliver an immersive and unique gaming experience.


Dordogne is an emotional indie game with a beautiful watercolor art style that speaks for itself. It tells the story of a woman trying to recover her repressed memories from the summers she spent in the French countryside. The game is a reflective coming-of-age tale about finding freedom and exploring the picturesque Dordogne with her grandmother. It’s a touching experience that resonates with players, unlocking their own childhood memories.

Season: A Letter to the Future

Season: A Letter to the Future is a meditative indie game that explores the question of what we would save for future explorers if our civilization were to crumble. Set in a world on the precipice of an apocalyptic change, players ride bikes through the countryside and document their experiences in a notebook. The game encourages players to embrace a Zen-like experience, focusing on the natural beauty of the world and the preservation of memories. It emphasizes the importance of stopping, listening, and appreciating the present before it’s lost.


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